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The DFM Process at SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation

June 28, 2023

“Break the walls that exist between design and manufacturing, managing cost during the early stages of product development”

As an experienced Manufacturing Engineering company of over 50 years, we understand the critical role that Design for Manufacturing (DFM) plays in the overall success of your project. DFM is a comprehensive process that focuses on optimizing product design for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing. It involves several stages, starting from the concept design phase and extending all the way to production.

During the Concept Design phase, our team works closely with your engineers to ensure that the initial product design aligns with the manufacturing capabilities and processes available. We provide valuable insights and suggestions to enhance manufacturability, considering factors such as material selection, part complexity, and assembly methods. By addressing these considerations early on, we can help minimize costly design changes later in the process.

Engineering Support is a crucial aspect of the DFM process. Our experienced engineers collaborate with your team to refine the design, ensuring it meets the required functionality while optimizing for manufacturing efficiency. We conduct detailed design reviews, identifying potential issues and offering practical solutions. This iterative process helps streamline the design, reducing manufacturing complexities and improving overall product quality.

Prototyping is an essential step in the DFM process. We leverage our advanced prototyping capabilities to create functional prototypes that closely resemble the final product. These prototypes serve as a validation tool, allowing you to test the design, assess its performance, and make any necessary adjustments before moving into full-scale production.

Finally, as your project transitions into Production, our DFM expertise continues to play a vital role. We employ efficient manufacturing techniques, such as automation and standardization, to optimize the production process and enhance productivity. Our team ensures seamless coordination between engineering and manufacturing, guaranteeing that the design intent is faithfully translated into the final product.

In summary, our DFM process encompasses Concept Design, Engineering Support, Prototyping, and Production. By engaging our expertise from the earliest stages of product development, you can benefit from improved manufacturability, reduced costs, accelerated time to market, and enhanced product quality. With our commitment to DFM, we strive to provide you with a competitive edge in the marketplace while delivering innovative and reliable manufacturing solutions.

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